In 2021, AV Living Lab, in collaboration with the Slovenian government’s Business Development Agency (SPIRIT), organized four mobility events to introduce the most cutting-edge solutions from Slovenian companies to the world. The series of events titled “The Spirit of Slovenian Mobility” first touched on urban air mobility, premium mobility, and mobility as a service and was followed by a joint webinar on the issues of adventure mobility and logistics in the autumn.

The first event introduced Slovenia’s urban air mobility ecosystem, with the leading players Airnamics, C-astral, ElevonX, Onedrone, and Nervtech. Company representatives presented a variety of innovative solutions, from Airnamic’s autonomous robotic systems used in drones, C’Astral’s fixed-wing small, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), ElevonX’s integrated platform for UAS usage, and Onedrone’s consulting in the field of air mobility, to Nervtech’s vehicle simulators.

The second event focused on presenting the finest, high-end solutions recognized worldwide. It began with the presentation of Pipistrel, a pioneer of high technology in light aviation, that touched on the importance of sustainable mobility and climate change awareness. Following was E’dyn by Podkrižnik, a company developing and manufacturing electric propulsion systems for boats. Greenline Yachts then introduced the leading solution in hybrid yachts and was followed by the presentation of an e-bike for music lovers by Noordung. Last, Tushek Supercars told us more about the company’s path to the electric supercar of the future.

The third event introduced main actors in the field of mobility as a service. Firstly, Avant car explained more about the success of their electric car sharing and fleet management solution. GoGiro, a micromobility provider in the tourism sector, and GoOpti, which mainly focuses on van sharing services to and from airports. The leading Slovenian mobility and travel company, focusing on public transportation, Nomago, was then introduced, followed by the presentation of AMZS and their new application NOMO, intended to integrate all public and private mobility providers into one single platform.

The last event presented us with two topics of adventure mobility and logistics. In the first segment, Highfly and Hovercraft introduced their cutting-edge free-time solutions that users can use on the water. On the topic of logistics companies, LIT Transit, Monolit – Sledenje, Solvesall, TraceLabs – OriginTrail core developers, and ZZi talked more about optimized passenger transportation, location-based services, smart RV application, assets organization via decentralized network and LogChain platform to monitor package delivery.

Finishing the event series, we proudly applaud all participating companies that innovatively co-create the Slovenian mobility ecosystem with ground-breaking solutions and products.

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