AV Living Lab and its local partners Location Solutions LLC and Excellence Driving opened a one-of-a-kind AI Driving Hub in Dubai, focusing on training existing and new drivers using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. With the help of our technology, Dubai will get better drivers and safer roads.

The world’s first AI Driving Hub held a grand opening at Dubai’s 18th International Road Federation (IRF) World Meeting on the 7 November 2021, where distinguished guests from Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA Dubai), Dubai Police, and IRF were astonished by the innovativeness and positive implications the solution will have in the future. The introduction of groundbreaking technology was also supported by Mr. Mark Boris Andrijanič, Minister for Digital Transformation of the Republic of Slovenia, and AV Living Lab parent company BTC City.

In collaboration with our local partners, we proudly presented the new daim technology that uses AI for advanced real-time driver assessment and training that puts drivers in critical road situations in a safe and secure environment. Hence, one hour in the AI Driving Hub equals more than 4 hours on the public roads.

After the official opening, AV Living Lab and its partners Location Solutions and Excellence Driving signed a Memorandum of understanding to (1) Make Dubai AI Driving Capital, (2) Create and customize Dubai AI Digital Twin and (3) Help Dubai and UAE to achieve the goal of Zero-Accident Society.

Official opening of AI Driving Hub Dubai, 7 November 2021

“AV Living Lab did not have the slightest doubt about the choice of the destination country for the introduction of AI Driving. Thanks to the wise leadership looking into the future, Dubai has been a pioneer in implementing the most unbelievable tech. Together with our partners, we will create an Ecosystem to help Dubai achieve Zero-Accidents, to make a People-centric and Environmentally friendly Society;”

Mr. Daniel Avdagič, CEO and Co-founder of AV Living Lab

“We are happy to partner up with such a talented team as Excellence Driving Centre striving to introduce innovation in the processes and driver training tools. We will work together to use the data-driven technology to improve road safety in Dubai,”

Mr. Zaim Azrak, CEO and Founder of Location Solutions

“We would like to extend our technology-based offer in Dubai driver training market by partnering with Location Solutions and AV Living Lab. We plan to go further and develop an AI Driver Training Program tailored to various types of fleets allowing them to be more efficient and personalized in driver education;”

Mr. Ali Al Zaabi, CEO of Excellence Driving