Bring your own challenge, technology or solution to perform Proof-of-concepts in ecosystem with physical and digital infrastructure to develop new mobility solution.

City as a Lab, our habitat

Content and people-rich environment with physical and digital infrastructure

Imagine a city small enough to be easily controlled and powerful enough to attract more than 21 million visitors every year – City as a Lab is just that.

Our habitat is one of the largest shopping, business, and entertainment centers in Europe.

Slovenian Motorways

V2X communications and intelligent infrastructure testing

DARS, Slovenian Motorway Company, is managing and maintaining Slovenian motorways, infrastructure objects, and intelligent transportation infrastructure. A special care is given to highway drivers, sustainable development, the optimization of road traffic and road safety.

Being part of Slovenian Autonomous Driving Ecosystem, established by AV Living Lab, DARS is responsible for implementation of intelligent infrastructure on motorways (V2X, G5/private LTE).

Outdoor proving ground

Closed and private testing and proving area

The AMZS Safe Driving Centre in advanced purpose built facility for carrying out safe driving exercises and testing.

The premises stretch over 15 ha. Asphalted surfaces comprise of 2,5 km of tracks that are equipped with the most modern equipment for carrying out various training and testing exercises under different types of driving conditions, including day and night testing and 5G ready infrastructure.

Driving simulator

Human in simulation loop via bio-feedback by Nervtech

Nervtech is an advanced tool for vehicle simulator technologies in the fields of biometric and cognitive driver evaluation, deep machine learning, and data integration, developed by high-tech R&D company Nervtech. It is also a tool for automatic evaluation of drivers’ performance and collection of physiological and biometrical big data.


Let’s transform the future of mobility.