City as a Lab

Content-rich and people-rich ecosystem with advanced physical and digital infrastructure.

Imagine a city small enough to be easily controlled and powerful enough to attract more than 21 million visitors every year.

City as a Lab is just that.

0,5 km2

in size
117 acres

21 million

visits per year
58 000 every day

12 million

vehicles per year
33 000 every day

11 km

of roads
with 34 roundabouts and intersections

Our habitat: one of the biggest shopping, business, and entertainment centers in Europe.

Strategic location in the heart of Europe with direct access to European railroad and road TEN-T corridors.

One of the biggest shopping, business, and entertainment centers in Europe, owned by BTC Company.

Content-rich ecosystem

Content-rich live learning environment, full of everyday interactions.

The uniqueness of AV Living Lab is more than a symbiosis of business, shopping, recreational, entertainment and cultural programs. It is even more visible in the variety of multipurpose hybrid contents, which attract different consumer and business segments of visitors.

Shops and services


Food & beverage

70 restaurants and bars, 1 brewery


Tennis field, 2 gyms, dancing school and bowling

Spa center

14 swimming pools, 11 saunas

Financial institutions

4 banks and 1 post office

Kart racing

300 m indoor track


237 rooms and conference center


39 indoor and outdoor stands


4 roulettes and 168 slot machines

Innovation centers

IBM Innovation center, Startup accelerator and coworking space

Public transport

1 free private area bus and 4 city bus lines


4 EV sharing stations, 1 in-house car sharing and 3 bike sharing stations


260 seats and 300 shows per year

Health & beauty

9 hair saloons, 1 clinic and 2 pharmacies


12 screens with 3312 seats

All in one place: less bureaucracy and more security in our ecosystem.

Protecting your data, privacy and technology, people, and machines is crucial. In our extended team, we have experts for security policies, as well as GDPR.

A privately-owned infrastructure enables easily manageable legal and permission-handling processes that brings significant time, paperwork, legal and bureaucracy cost savings, resulting in flexibility and a faster time to market.

Digital infrastructure

Rich Information and communications technology, with full LTE+ and fiber coverage and 5G ready infrastructure.






CCTV cameras