5 May 2021 – AV Living Lab has been selected among 22 new ambassadors of the Slovenian economy, promoting our country as a green, creative, and smart destination for business. With the City as a Lab concept of mobility transformation, AV Living Lab has joined the most innovative and sustainable companies in Slovenia.

Recognized by the Slovenian Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology (SPIRIT Slovenia), as a leader in sustainable mobility, customer-oriented business model, and cutting-edge services, the awarded badge confirms the hard work and competence of the company and employees. 

Furthermore, in terms of competitive advantages in niche areas of the green economy, the campaign aims at increasing the awareness of Slovenian companies as a technologically developed environment that is oriented towards green and smart production. 

AV Living Lab is very proud to receive this recognition and will continue building the positive image of Slovenia and advocating its ecosystem, which is ideal for testing, research, and development of breakthrough mobility solutions.

May 2021