1 March 2021 Hi-tech companies AV Living Lab and Nervtech are officially entering into an exclusive partnership with Dubai based company Location Solutions, to bring the first AI Driver Evaluation Hub to the UAE.

Data-based driver evaluation

Using the latest artificial intelligence technology, the Hub will enable a data-based driver evaluation. This will enhance the existing procedures with a much deeper, biometric, insight into the drivers’ behavior. Similar in magnitude of analysis to the medical tests, the smart AI system aims at qualifying each driver KPIs on the basis of their detailed psycho-physical characteristics and ability to cope with critical road scenarios within less than 30 minutes.

Safer traffic

Improving the human factor in traffic will eventually enable happier and safe experience for the road participants and help improve the situation with the traffic congestion in Dubai. In doing this, Location Solutions strives to help achieve the goals of UAE Vision 2021, RTA Vision 2024 and bring closer the vision of zero-casualty and knowledge-based society in Dubai and UAE.

Complete solution with real road scenarious

AI-based Driving Evaluation Hub is a complete end-to-end solution, where motion driving simulators, biometric data collections, real road scenarios in digital twins, and cognitive AI & Machine Learning algorithms work together to help improve, train and integrate drivers into advanced Dubai road transport network.

Developed by Nervtech in collaboration with Stanford University and Virginia Tech

The technology has been developed and patented by the Nervtech AI scientists in collaboration with Stanford University and Virginia Tech. Nervtech AI Evaluation System has been successfully tested by the Red Bull Racing Team receiving their praise for being the closest to the real road experience. “Tokyo (for its Olympics) and London (for its bus fleet) have both lined up to implement the system, however, I am confident that it is Dubai that will become the first Global Digital AI Driver Evaluation Capital thanks to its progressive leadership under HH Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and HH Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum”, says Zaim Azrak, CEO and Founder of Location Solutions.

Drivers are ambassadors of Dubai hospitality

With Dubai EXPO in sight, Location Solutions considers now to be the best time to deploy the system to help assess taxi, limo and bus drivers to improve the road safety and EXPO visitor travel experience. During Expo 2020, Dubai will gain 25 million visits from all around the world over a period of 6 months. Moving them across various sites and venues will be crucial to their happy experience of the UAE, with taxi, limo and bus drivers being among the first and most important Ambassadors of Dubai hospitality.

Transformation of Dubai’s mobility

Moving further, the first Global AI-Based Driver Evaluation Hub will help transform and digitalize the transportation system of the city and country according to the National Priorities of the UAE Vision 2021 and Smart Dubai Strategy 2021.

Zaim Azrak, CEO, Location Solutions:

»We are glad to have identified an excellent, unique, and innovative technology that will put Dubai as a global leader in road safety and smart mobility using AI for Driver Evaluation. We are happy to partner with AV Living Lab and Nervtech to bring this technology to Dubai and help achieve Dubai Vision and RTA Vision 2024. This will make Dubai the leader in seamless and sustainable mobility.«

Photo: Spirit Slovenia, STA, Tamino Petelinšek

Tomaz Kostanjevec, PhD, Acting CEO, SPIRIT Slovenija, Slovenia government’s business development and investment agency

»Slovenia has started with AI research in 1972, when Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) started its research in this field. We are proud that in 2020 we established the International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI), the first UNESCO-sponsored global AI research center. All this enables our AI ecosystem to thrive, creating cutting-edge solutions, such as AI-based Driver Evaluation Hub, which will be showcased on Expo 2020.«

Daniel Avdagic, CEO, AV Living Lab:

»Billions are invested into autonomous, connected, shared and electric mobility. Meanwhile, there is still a lack of investments into the drivers, which would give immediate effect, meaning the human factor in the present is often forgotten. Our goal is to bring AI-based mobility solutions to improve road safety and sustainable mobility – today.«

Matej Vengust, CEO, Nervtech:

»We are moving from vehicle-centric solutions to human-centric solutions, in order to tackle and resolve the human factor in mobility, which is the main contributor to accidents on the road and traffic congestions.«

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About AV Living Lab

AV Living Lab is a technology startup, focusing on the city/government mobility transformation, technology-based public acceptance, and implementation of new technologies & business models in their real-life CityLab environment.  They are also the organizer of the City as a Lab Summit, where leading brands share their new mobility innovation work. The company has successfully implemented multiple (more than 30) proofs-of-concept, including clients such as Google, Daimler, Toyota, and Volkswagen concern.

About Location Solutions

Founded in 2004, Location Solutions (LS) has rapidly established itself as one of the major smart mobility solution providers in the Gulf region.

They focus on intelligent transport systems, fleet management solutions and location-based services. They specialize in GPS/GSM and satellite-based solutions for online tracking, fleet management, AI driver evaluation systems and AI supported solutions. Backed up by strong technical skills, dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, and a proactive fortitude, their team offers a consolidated approach in consultancy, advisory, supply, implementation, integration, and training.

The company’s commitment to excellence is well reflected in the innovative products and services it offers to a wide spectrum of corporations and organizations from major public and private industrial sectors. As a result, and to sustain its status and to maintain a high level of customers’ satisfaction, Locations Solutions deals exclusively with the internationally recognized solution providers and hardware vendors.

About Nervtech

Nervtech is a high-tech R&D company specializing in vehicle simulator    technologies in the fields of biometric and cognitive driver evaluation, deep machine learning, and data integration. Nervtech is an advanced tool for driver and operator training in variety of driving scenarios. It is also a tool for automatic evaluation of drivers’ performance and collection of physiological and biometrical big data through a set of external medical grade sensoring equipment, synchronized with the simulation software.