About the BTC Company

Jože Mermal
Jože Mermal
President of the Management Board and CEO of the BTC Company

“Characteristic of laboratories is that they are a separate environment, closed from reality and external influence. BTC City Ljubljana is entirely different. With 21 million visitors per year, characterized by a set of related, diverse activities and content, it is very much alive and vivid.”

With more than 60 years of tradition, the BTC Company successfully transformed itself into one of the leading commercial property development companies in the region. Certified as ISO 55001, 50001, 9001, and 14001 compliant, the BTC Company represents a trusted partner to leading multinational and regional companies. The BTC Company has also been awarded the Gold Creditworthiness Certificate in 2016, with only 0.7% of companies in Slovenia attaining this award. To be eligible, a company has to retain the highest creditworthiness rating for three consecutive years. Such companies represent the most reliable, credible, and low-risk business entities to cooperate with.

Under the brand name BTC City, it operates one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreational, and cultural centers in Europe, located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. A very unique feature of BTC City is its multipurpose hybrid concept, complementarily connecting all sorts of programs into one harmonized and urbanized multilayered identity. BTC City Ljubljana is conveniently located just 3 km (1.9 miles) from the Ljubljana city center, in the capital of Slovenia, 200 m (0.1 miles) from the northern section of the Ljubljana ring road H3, and 30 km (19 miles) from Ljubljana International Airport.

BTC City Ljubljana key milestones – from warehouses to smart city

  • 1954: BTC founded as the central warehouse operator serving trade companies in Ljubljana
  • 1963: the biggest warehouse in former Yugoslavia
  • 1987: the largest inland terminal in Europe
  • 1990: transformation into a shopping center
  • 2011: the tallest business skyscraper/building in Slovenia, the Crystal Palace
  • 2015: ABC Startup Accelerator – a globally positioned acceleration group
  • Today: BTC City as one of the largest business, shopping, recreational, entertainment, and cultural centers in Europe

Additionally, the BTC Company also operates two shopping centers in Novo mesto and Murska Sobota, and provides first-class property management services for the largest Slovenian clients in the commercial real estate service sector. The BTC Company also runs a logistics service unit, which holds the leading market position in food logistics in Slovenia and is successfully entering the Croatian market. In terms of further development of the logistics business division, the BTC Company is in the initial project setup phase for the Intermodal Logistic Terminal (ILT), in partnership with Slovenian Railways and the City Municipality of Ljubljana. When completely finished in 2023, it will represent one of the largest intermodal land terminals in South East Europe.

The BTC Company will continue to build a better tomorrow by delivering sustainable, innovative, and digitalized solutions for its stakeholders. One of the key transformational platforms in such deliverables will continue to be its globally positioned startup business infrastructure, i.e. the ABC Accelerator and Hub located in BTC City Ljubljana, the ABC Venture Gates in Munich, and the ABC Silicon Valley.

BTC’s next transformational milestone is to set up the world’s first Cognitive Hyperconnected City, targeting primarily Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) producers and developers in order to successfully transform the transportation industry. You are welcome to join us in our Autonomous Vehicle Living Lab in our habitat of BTC City Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Let’s transform the transportation industry together

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