Why work with us

BTC City Ljubljana, one of the largest and most diverse business, shopping, and leisure centers in Europe, has grown on the foundations of more than six decades of constant business transformation. With its stimuli-rich environment, it is now approaching the next transformational level to become the world’s first Living Lab Cognitive Hyperconnected City for the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Industry via machine-centric testing, learning, and innovation.

In addition to 21 million visitors, we will soon have more and more robots interacting and learning in our environment, from AVs to self-serving robots, autonomous drones, digital assistants, chatbots, VR/AR, etc. Simply put, we are building a new world, and there has never been a better time to do that.

Inside our ecosystem, we cooperate with an international machine-learning AI-leading company (based on the Gartner Magic Quadrant) for machine-to-machine learning and a local startup company for people-to-machine learning.

Other important partnerships

  • We have signed multiple partnerships in Smart Retail platform development, Logistics 4.0, SmartGrids, and SmartCities, which helps us successfully build an important Digital Foundation.
  • Academic partners are a significant part of our ecosystem – they can extend and improve the research and development part of your engagement. Besides the option of working with local academic partners, you are also welcome to invite your own.
  • We are building partnerships with the industry, the government, city leaders, NGOs, and especially the people in the Living Lab.

Startup community

One of the important parts of our AV Living Lab ecosystem is the ABC Startup Accelerator (ABC), a globally positioned acceleration group. ABC was founded in 2015 by the BTC Company as one of the key founders to help drive real-world business transformation. ABC operates in 3 business segments:

Startup accelerator:

Enterprise accelerator: a 3-month business transformation program for corporate employees based on a startup methodology.

Less bureaucracy and operational transparency

Our environment – a privately owned infrastructure – enables easily manageable contractual, legal, and permission-handling processes that bring significant time savings, legal cost savings, and savings on paperwork and bureaucracy, resulting in better flexibility and a faster time to market.

Security and data protection

We understand that protecting your data and technology, people, and machines is of crucial importance to you. In our team, we have experts for implementing your information security framework with different security policies (such as the Physical Security policy, Access mgmt., Asset mgmt., BC mgmt., HR mgmt., Change mgmt., Risk mgmt., etc.).

We adhere to relevant EU Directives in the field of personal data protection (EU Directive 2006/24, 2016/679, 2016/680), to directives as per Slovenian legislation, and also as specified by the Slovenian Information Commissioner.

All of this together will create a new human and machine social network for creating a cognitive future.

Do you share our passion to change the way we move, live, and work?

Let’s transform the transportation industry together

Receive more information about our AV Living Lab, stimuli-rich, dense, and diverse environment with many unpredictable situations for you to explore and utilize.