Why the AV Living Lab

Your autonomous vehicles will provide excellent future solutions for everyday life situations. Learning in a real-life environment, where real people are involved in numerous genuine interactions is the best way to gain valuable knowledge. Transform the transportation industry with us!

Imagine a city small enough to be easily controlled and powerful enough to attract more than 21 million visitors every year – BTC City Ljubljana is just that.

BTC City Ljubljana, the habitat of the AV Living Lab, is one of the largest business, shopping, and leisure centers in Europe. The flow of people coming to experience all sorts of novelties acts as an ideal partner to interact with your AV solutions and thus co-create, reinvent, and reshape the transportation industry. Additionally, its geographical location guarantees that you can test your solutions in diverse driving conditions through all of the seasons.

Welcome to AV Living Lab!

Sharing the same passion

We are looking for Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) developers to transform the transportation industry. We are open to everyone who shares our passion to change the way we move, live, work, and connect to one another.


The AV Living Lab Ecosystem

We know that the physical environment and infrastructure form an important part of the ecosystem, but we also recognize the crucial value of people: our customers, business visitors and partners, employees, city leaders, and government officials. Together they create an unprecedented potential for never-ending “what-if” scenario building, the crucial component in the autonomous vehicle learning process.


24/7 people, content, and data-rich environment

Entering AV Living Lab BTC City Ljubljana guarantees you a private testing and learning environment, which enables connected autonomous vehicles to learn faster and sharply reduce CAV disengagements. We provide you with:

  • a 24/7 stimuli-rich environment
  • 21 million visitors per year
  • 475 000 m2 surface area (117 acres)
  • 12 million cars per year
  • 11 km of roads (6.8 miles)
  • 15 roundabouts
  • Extensive IoT and video-surveillance network with over 200 CCTV cameras
  • Maximum area speed limit: 30 km/h (19 miles/h)
  • Average visitor presence time ranging from 25 to 90 min*

The stimuli-rich environment of the AV Living Lab is made possible due to BTC City Ljubljana’s people, content, and data rich environment, consisting of shopping, business, and leisure components, which attract different consumer and business segments of visitors every day:

  • 450 shops
  • 70 food & drink vendors
  • Outdoor food court
  • Entertainment: multiplex cinema, theater, bowling, karting, casino
  • Sports center
  • Aquapark and adrenaline park
  • Open market and flower market
  • National shopping and international sporting events
  • Outdoor playground for children, urban parks, and outdoor art
  • Two business towers, co-working space, congress facilities, 4* hotel
  • ABC Startup Accelerator
  • International office tenant mix: Adecco, BMW, GSK, IBM, MSD, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, Outfit7, Unicredit, etc.
  • 8 500 free parking spaces (outdoor and indoor parking)
  • 4 electric vehicle-charging areas with 22 EV charging stations
  • Free shuttle bus within the area
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) car sharing stations and rent-a-bike

Technology readiness level from 3 to 8

The AV Living Lab acts as a catalyst and a world-class epicenter for connected AV development for Level 5 solutions and scenarios in a stimuli-rich, dense, diverse, and rapid machine learning 24/7 real-life environment. With a high number of daily visitors in a real-life environment, we are solving one of the key issues in today’s development and innovation process – rapid prototyping, testing, and validating. We provide an environment for “technology readiness level” from 3 to 8 (TRL3-TRL8) related testing, capable and open to endless possibilities for innovation throughout our growing ecosystem.

*According to Google Maps data.

Let’s transform the transportation industry together

Receive more information about our AV Living Lab, stimuli-rich, dense, and diverse environment with many unpredictable situations for you to explore and utilize.