UNESCO’s centre on AI (IRCAI) to be established in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In 2018, the Slovenian Government proposed UNESCO to establish International Research Centre On Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In November 2019, UNESCO Conference General unanimously endorsed Slovenia’s bid for the AI center, which will be founded in the beginning of 2020.

Slovenia has a long history of AI research, dating to 1972, when Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) started its research in the field, and was upgraded in 1990s with heuristic search, machine learning and qualitative reasoning. JSI alone has 180 AI researchers from various fields, such as Machine learning, Data mining, Semantic technologies, Real-time data analysis, Data Visualization …

The IRCAI will be the first UNESCO-sponsored global AI research center, which will advise governments, organizations and the public on AI solutions in various fields.

IRCAI will bring together various stakeholders with a variety of know-how from around the world to address global challenges, support UNESCO in carrying out its studies and take part in major international AI projects.

Mobility and AI

Today, the artificial intelligence is an important driver of mobility transformation and development of smart mobility solutions, including self-driving vehicles. We believe this center will be a strong accelerator of growth of mobility-related research and development in already established Slovenian self-driving ecosystem, with rich and diverse City as a lab environment, Slovenian motorways, and Safe driving and testing polygon, owned by Slovenian automobile association.

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