Are your drivers fit for their positions?

During driving school hours, new and existing drivers rarely experience critical situations. Thanks to our AI Driving Hub, we are able to perform these dangerous situations in a safe environment.

Learning safe driving in our AI Driving Hub also lowers congestion on roads, CO2 emissions and offers safety for everyone involved. It also saves your company’s resources, as you do not have to spend money on fuel, car mileage or vehicles.

1 hours in the AI Driving Hub = more than 4 hours on the public roads

AI Driving Hub helps the drivers to resolve critical situations and teaches them the right way to react, improving road safety for all. Similar to the medical tests, the smart AI system aims at qualifying each driver KPIs on the basis of their detailed psycho-physical characteristics and ability to handle with critical road scenarios.

Zero accidents society is just 3 steps away

1. Driver undergoes the evaluation where they drive through different critical situations.

2. The AI analyses driver’s driving and prepares personalized training scenarios, which focus on the areas where the driver can improve

3. Driver undergoes the training and equips the needed skills to be better prepared for critical situations, therefore improving road safety for all.
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