AV Living Lab opened AI Driving Hub in Dubai

by AV Living Lab • 15. November 2021

AV Living Lab and its local partners Location Solutions LLC and Excellence Driving opened a one-of-a-kind AI Driving Hub in Dubai, focusing on training existing and new drivers using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. With the help of our technology, Dubai will get better drivers and safer roads. The world’s first AI Driving Hub […]

The best of Slovenian Mobility events series

by AV Living Lab • 22. October 2021

In 2021, AV Living Lab, in collaboration with the Slovenian government’s Business Development Agency (SPIRIT), organized four mobility events to introduce the most cutting-edge solutions from Slovenian companies to the world. The series of events titled “The Spirit of Slovenian Mobility” first touched on urban air mobility, premium mobility, and mobility as a service and […]

AV Living Lab organized City as a Lab Summit: Mobility 2021

by AV Living Lab • 9. June 2021

On the 8th and 9th June 2021, AV Living Lab, together with Media house Delo, organized the third City as a Lab Summit: Mobility 2021. With this year’s vision of the urban future, the topics of smart cities, logistics, and smart factories, smart cars, mobility as a service, and e-mobility were introduced. At our traditional […]

AV Living Lab becomes an ambassador of Slovenian economy

by AV Living Lab • 5. May 2021

5 May 2021 – AV Living Lab has been selected among 22 new ambassadors of the Slovenian economy, promoting our country as a green, creative, and smart destination for business. With the City as a Lab concept of mobility transformation, AV Living Lab has joined the most innovative and sustainable companies in Slovenia. Recognized by […]

AV Living Lab and partners established Slovenian autonomous driving ecosystem

by AV Living Lab • 1. April 2020

Companies BTC, DARS, AMZS, The Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS), and AV Living Lab are creating a worldwide unique partner ecosystem. This ecosystem is an integration of diverse types of infrastructure (city within a city, highways, testing and proving ground) within a single unified location, providing multi-industry expertise, as well as Industry 4.0 advantages and […]

The Official opening of AV Living Lab

by AV Living Lab • 27. April 2018

On 27th April 2018, guests and visitors of BTC City Ljubljana experienced a taste of promising future technologies. At the event, which was organized by the BTC d.d. and the AV Living Lab as part of the TEN-T Days 2018, a major transport event focused on the development of the Trans-European Transport Network, a ride […]