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UNESCO’s centre on AI (IRCAI) to be established in Ljubljana, Slovenia

27. 11. 2019 | livinglab

In 2018, the Slovenian Government proposed UNESCO to establish International Research Centre On Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In November 2019, UNESCO Conference General unanimously endorsed Slovenia's bid for the AI center, which will be founded in the beginning of 2020.

In-house car-sharing pilot with Toyota

03. 10. 2019 | livinglab

AV Living Lab together with Toyota Adria have presented the In-house car-sharing pilot Toyota DriveMe, which is now deployed in BTC City Ljubljana, Slovenia.

AV Living Lab organized exceptionally successful City as a Lab Summit

10. 04. 2019 | livinglab

On Thursday and Friday, 4 and 5 April, 2019, BTC City Ljubljana held the first international and cross-industry event, the City as a Lab Summit 2019: The Birth of Autonomous Marketplace, visited by over 200 guests from 19 countries.

Moving Slovenia 2.0 in AV Living Lab

22. 11. 2018 | livinglab

Moving Slovenia 2.0, a two-day conference organised by Business Academy Finance and Advantage Austria Ljubljana, the official representatives of the Austrian Economic Chamber, took place on 19 and 20 November. As part of the event, which focused on logistics, infrastructure and mobility, AV Living Lab and BTC Company hosted the representatives of Austrian firms.

AMZS acquired a stake in AV Living Lab

04. 07. 2018 | livinglab

The joint-stock company AMZS d.d. acquired a stake in AV Living Lab. New strategic partnership will enable more competitive global ecosystem for development of solutions and concepts for autonomous vehicles.

AV Living Lab visited BMW with government delegation

14. 06. 2018 | livinglab

The Minister of Public Administration, Mr Boris Koprivnikar, the government representatives, AV Living Lab and BTC Company visited BMW Center of excellence for autonomous driving in Munich on 11 June 2018.

5G in AV Living Lab ecosystem

01. 06. 2018 | livinglab

Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia in the presence of the Minister of Public Administration, Mr Boris Koprivnikar, awarded the AV Living Lab's parent company BTC the use of frequencies for testing 5G network technology and implementation of R&D projects

The Official opening of AV Living Lab

27. 04. 2018 | livinglab

On 27th April 2018, guests and visitors of BTC City Ljubljana experienced a taste of promising future technologies. At the event, which was organized by the BTC d.d. and the AV Living Lab as part of the TEN-T Days 2018, a major transport event focused on the development of the Trans-European Transport Network, a ride with the autonomous shuttle NAVYA Group was demonstrated to the public for the first time in Slovenia.

AV Living Lab and partners established Slovenian autonomous driving ecosystem

03. 04. 2018 | livinglab

Companies BTC, DARS, AMZS, The Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS), and AV Living Lab are creating a worldwide unique partner ecosystem. The aim of the partnership is the development of an innovative learning ecosystem as a provider of solutions and technologies for connected autonomous vehicles.

TEN-T Days 2018: Connected and Autonomous Mobility demo

23. 03. 2018 | livinglab

Connected and Autonomous Mobility: vehicles' demonstration is an opportunity for European car manufactures and developers to show Europe's innovation and leadership in autonomous driving technology, such as autonomous shuttles/buses, autonomous cars/robo-taxis, driving simulators etc.