In-house car-sharing pilot with Toyota

AV Living Lab together with Toyota Adria have presented the In-house car-sharing pilot Toyota DriveMe, which is now deployed in BTC City Ljubljana, Slovenia.

DriveMe is a concept of carsharing and innovative fleet management, where companies in the same building share the latest models of Toyota and prestigious Lexus hybrid vehicles, lowering their costs and their CO2 emissions.

Toyota DriveMe offers companies a complete service for effective and efficient mobility. Their employees can book new and environmentally friendly cars from 30 days to 30 minutes in advance through mobile app or computer.  Reservations can be booked through time or vehicle type.

It also promotes an eco-friendly and more efficient use of transport, based on shared economy rather than ownership. This way, users can reduce costs and have a first-rate experience using the upcoming mobility concept.

AV Living Lab has worked on all the levels of the pilot project – from content preparation, creating sales packages and pricing, market research and positioning, marketing materials, formal documents, reporting and invoicing. In the pilot phase we will also collect the feedback from our first customers and further improve the service.