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Joining the AV Living Lab opens an important door to the latest knowledge on technology and business. The AV Living Lab is home to ABC – Acceleration Business City – the private global acceleration group dedicated to the best entrepreneurs from all over the world.

One of the important parts of our AV Living Lab ecosystem, the ABC Accelerator, was founded in 2015 to help drive business transformation in reality. Joining forces of creative ideas, globally ambitious teams, and the support from most experienced large multinational enterprises, as well as Harvard and Berkley Universities, ABC accelerates multiple generations of startups every year. Besides offering its accelerated companies a very wide network, ABC can also offer unique access to potential customers and ensure investments and a push to the global market.

ABC operates in three business segments

One of the important parts of our AV Living Lab ecosystem is the ABC Accelerator (ABC) with a globally positioned startup infrastructure, i.e. the ABC Accelerator and Hub, located in BTC City Ljubljana, the ABC Venture Gates in Munich, and the ABC Silicon Valley. ABC was founded in 2015 by the BTC Company as one of the key founders to help drive business transformation in reality. ABC operates in three business segments:

Startup accelerator:

Enterprise accelerator: a 3-month business transformation program for corporate employees based on a startup methodology.

Programs for transportation industry

ABC also operates a modern co-working space and facilities for design-thinking workshops and hackathons. In structured multi-day workshops, we can help your team of professionals re-think selected concepts, find a desired solution, or design new business models.

Cooperating with numerous startups will reveal new business ideas and opportunities, which will be achieved more easily with new co-workers.

Let’s transform the transportation industry together

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