Providing unquestionable safety is a major challenge for every automaker. It must be tested on different levels to assure an error-free performance in real-life situations. The AV Living Lab is a perfect place to test and validate different scenarios for Driver and Vehicle Safety.

The aim of relieving vehicle drivers of their traditional role is to reach more comfort, a higher level of traffic safety, and an easier way to control and plan traffic flow. However, to assure all these, the AV manufacturers must first excel the error-free performance of autonomous vehicles of present and future day.

The automotive industry has undergone a massive transformation in the last five years. The traditional ecosystem of this industry has been challenged with technological developments and evolving business models. The electrification of vehicles, V2X interaction, electrical architecture, OTA, artificial intelligence algorithms, mobility business models, machine learning capabilities, and self-driving cars are not only disrupting the conventional ecosystem of the automotive industry, but are slowly and surely making it obsolete.

Act fast and test in a real-life environment

Automakers need to act fast and test all new technologies, content and business models, working together in a real-life 24/7 test environment to achieve the fastest go-to-market position.

Our AV Living Lab is a perfect place for you to test and validate different scenarios for Driver and Vehicle Safety. Our stimuli-rich real-life environment offers not only endless possibilities to test and learn, but also a partnership with our ecosystem, comprising 21 million visitors per year, partners (ICT vendors and system integrators), ICT talents, startups and academia.

Let’s transform the transportation industry together

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