Connected Car Commerce Platforms and Applications powered by Artificial Intelligence are the new reality and there has never been a better time to develop them. Drivers will soon turn into carefree passengers, who will look for information and entertainment while traveling by a car.

In the near future, AVs will release drivers from holding the wheel and paying attention to the road. This will create an enormous new greenfield market for in-car content delivery, social networking, and various services.

Overtake the future

Be ready when the next milestone in AV industry arrives – when drivers turn into passengers and become eager for informative and entertaining content. Be among the first to offer infotainment content in a moving AV.

Our AV Living Lab will be the epicenter for fail-fast systems, design thinking, and hackathon workshops. Our ability to execute (implement, promote, test, validate, optimize, sell, operate) desired scenarios (apps, platforms, services, products, etc.) in our controlled and closed environment will be the key component in making a CAV producer a Digital Champion.

Great infrastructure to test on

Imagine how amazing it would be to be connected to 600 shops and services, 1,000 points of sale systems, hundreds of businesses (among them many global brands), and 21 million visitors to find a money-making product or service.

The AV Living Lab is the perfect world-class environment for:

  • Human (21 M/year)-to-Vehicle interaction,
  • 1,000 POS system-to-Vehicle interaction,
  • Various robots-to-Vehicle interactions,
  • IoT-to-Vehicle interaction,
  • Vehicle-based Social networking,
  • Machine-to-Machine interaction.

Let’s transform the transportation industry together

Receive more information about our AV Living Lab, stimuli-rich, dense, and diverse environment with many unpredictable situations for you to explore and utilize.