Driving experience

Are you ready to test your Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) solutions in a real-life environment? Join us in AV Living Lab BTC Ljubljana, where you can develop and test new technologies in a real environment, with real people and traffic. Your AV solution can only provide the best user experience if it is confident when interacting in everyday situations. With 21 million visitors per year, we can provide you with the best learning and testing polygon there is.

New technologies can achieve excellent results in closed and carefully monitored environments. However, to succeed in the future, they must excel in real-life environments, as well. Build the perfect user experience in a user-centric environment.

Everyday scenarios

How to manage congestion and busy traffic, find a parking spot, reserve an EV charging station, collaborate with the in-car digital assistant or optimize the route are only a few scenarios involved in creating a perfect user experience and potentially new payable services.

Besides offering you a rich ecosystem in which you can explore everyday scenarios, we also provide important partnerships with technology companies that can help you pursue even your most specific and demanding goals.

A leading startup specialized in vehicle simulation technologies offers a 4DOF motion-based driving simulator, which consists of high-fidelity visuals, and a number of biometric sensors for psychophysiological evaluation (to enhance driving and perform an advanced neurological and biometric profiling of drivers). Evaluation data are used to assist the development of advanced algorithms for machine learning and AI in autonomous vehicles, leading to time and budget savings.

Transforming the transportation industry

To achieve higher adoption rates in the near future, CAV brands must provide an enjoyable driving experience. The customers’ fear of being driven by a robot can only be overcome by precise testing in numerous real-life situations. With millions of visitors per year, we are the perfect location in the world for different interactions to help you identify all the possible challenges and find the right answers.

However, these are only the basics. Our goal is to really monetize CAVs with supercomputer capabilities able to deal with complex activities on the move, and CAVs as machine social profiles in IoT social networks. Together we need to find the answer to what people need from such hyperconnected and cognitive CAVs besides transportation.


Let’s transform the transportation industry together

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