Cyber security

The digitalization of automotive industry brings new challenges, one of the most important being cyber security. In our AV Living Lab you can create an environment for a cyber security defense of connected vehicles.

The digital is changing the way automakers will do business in the future. From production to sales and to customer care, all aspects of the value chain across automotive industries are affected by the potential of the digital. With opportunity, however, comes risk; and one of the risks of the digital in automotive is the threat of cyber attacks, especially on the main product – Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV).

Today’s cyber threats come from a wide array of potential attackers, which range from highly sophisticated organizations to insiders helping external hackers or lone wolf individuals. Being a few steps ahead of them requires an advanced identification of possible cyber threats and weaknesses.

Create cyber security defense

In our AV Living Lab, automakers can create an environment for cyber security defense of connected cars. On this battleground, automakers can test an endless list of what-if scenarios that hackers would use to gain access to cars’ internal networks and, step by step, hijack the electronic control units (ECU) that control everything from infotainment and climate control system to engine, brakes, and steering.

In our AV Living Lab ecosystem, we can engage the CAV developers with our 21 million visitors per year, partners (ICT vendors and system integrators), ICT talents, startups and academia to create a world-class cyber security battlefield for friendly hacking, as well as vulnerability and pen testing.

It is the ideal testing ground for remote wireless attacks on CAV, due to a high density of the existing communication infrastructure: WiFi hotspots, full 4G coverage by three operators and 5G test network available.

On the other hand, the AV Living Lab also enables preparatory work in areas almost isolated from electromagnetical interference (basement garage).


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