Autonomous Vehicles

The transition to autonomous vehicles will define the next decades of the automotive industry. And the future has already begun. Making sure that customers feel secure driving CAVs and enjoy a stress-free ride is the most important challenge producers need to address in order to increase the CAV acceptance rate.

We understand how difficult, time consuming and expensive it is to create consumer acceptance in the case of automated vehicles. The vehicles must assure you of their safety, be trustworthy, and able to respond appropriately to even the most dangerous driving situations.

Unpredictable situations

As the level of automation increases, the AV needs to handle a much wider set of scenarios and complex situations in all weather conditions and seasons.

The complexity of our AV Living Lab provides interaction with 12 million cars per year on the 11-km-long (6.8 miles) AV Living Lab road network. This allows 24/7 rapid prototyping with a high density of unpredictable events.

Conveniently located in Central Europe, our Living Lab experiences all seasons with a wide range of different weather conditions, including extreme situations like heavy snowstorms, fog, high summer temperatures, etc. The weather does not only influence traffic, but also impacts people’s behavior.

Offering you a rich ecosystem in which you can explore everyday scenarios.

Identifying weaknesses

Since correct solutions can only be developed as an answer to real-life situations, our goal is to allow your organization to identify weaknesses in the design of the vehicle being tested. Driving in a real-life environment will produce helpful data on driver performance and behavior, the environment and the driving context, and other factors that are associated with critical incidents, near misses, and crashes.


Let’s transform the transportation industry together

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