AMZS Proving ground

Closed proving ground for car performance, cybersecurity, ADAS and safety testing.

150 000 m2

or 37 acres

2,5 km

The AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko is Slovenia’s most modern, purpose built facility for testing and carrying out safe driving exercises.

Just 30 minutes from Ljubljana and 90 minutes from Graz, next to A1/E57 motorway.

AMZS is a national automobile association and largest provider of roadside assistance in Slovenia.

All in one place

Less bureaucracy and more security in our all-weather ecosystem.

A privately-owned infrastructure enables easily manageable legal and permission-handling processes that brings significant time, paperwork, legal and bureaucracy cost savings, resulting in flexibility and a faster time to market.

Protecting your data, privacy and technology, people, and machines is crucial. In our extended team, we have experts for implementing customer’s information security framework with different security policies, as well as GDPR.

The weather does not only influence the mobility, but also has a great influence on people’s behavior. Conveniently located in Central Europe, our ecosystem experiences a moderate continental climate, four seasons, and a wide range of different weather conditions, such as snow, fog, storms and high temperatures.

Rich and diverse digital and physical infrastructure, content, people-rich ecosystem and cross-industry presence is what makes City as a Lab unique.

Content-rich ecosystem

Content-rich live learning environment, full of everyday interactions.

The uniqueness of AV Living Lab is more than a symbiosis of business, shopping, recreational, entertainment and cultural programs. It is even more visible in the variety of multipurpose hybrid contents, which attract different consumer and business segments of visitors.


70 restaurants and bars, 1 brewery

Tennis field, 2 gyms, dancing school and bowling

14 swimming pools, 11 saunas

4 banks and 1 post office

300 m indoor track

237 rooms and conference center

39 indoor and outdoor stands

4 roulettes and 168 slot machines

IBM Innovation center, Startup accelerator and coworking space

1 free private area bus and 4 city bus lines

1 free private area bus and 4 city bus lines

260 seats and 300 shows per year

9 hair saloons, 1 clinic and 2 pharmacies

4 EV sharing stations, 1 in-house car sharing and 3 bike sharing stations

1 free private area bus and 4 city bus lines

21 million yearly visits

With millions of visitors every year, AV Living Lab offers a stimuli-rich real-life environment, perfect for ideas of the future.

Physical and Digital infrastructure

ICT, Automotive, Smart grid, and Innovation capabilities

Digital infrastructure

Rich Information and communications technology, with full LTE+ and fiber coverage and 5G ready infrastructure.

4G+ coverage

250+ beacons


CCTV Cameras

5G ready

WiFi coverage


Data centers

LoRa coverage

Fiber coverage

Smart parking