AV Living Lab and partners established Slovenian autonomous driving ecosystem

03. 04. 2018

Companies BTC, DARS, AMZS, The Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS), and AV Living Lab are creating a worldwide unique partner ecosystem. The aim of the partnership is the development of an innovative learning ecosystem as a provider of solutions and technologies for connected autonomous vehicles.

TEN-T Days 2018: Connected and Autonomous Mobility demo

23. 03. 2018

Connected and Autonomous Mobility: vehicles' demonstration is an opportunity for European car manufactures and developers to show Europe's innovation and leadership in autonomous driving technology, such as autonomous shuttles/buses, autonomous cars/robo-taxis, driving simulators etc.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning developments and issues towards autonomous driving

02. 03. 2018

Safe, reliable and perceptive autonomous driving is relying on machine learning as a prerequisite step towards intelligent transportation domain specific AI. However, learning itself requires access to stimuli rich environment on one side and learning goals on the other.

From Facility as a Lab to City as a Lab

21. 02. 2018

Autonomous driving is more than just a hype. Advancing and more powerful computing power, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and sensors are making autonomous driving a reality.