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In prelaunch now. Official opening on 27 April 2018.

Why AV Living Lab

Where else would you choose to learn about real-life situations and test your advanced technologies if not in a 24/7 environment with real people, real cars, real roads, and real interactions? The AV Living Lab, which spreads across BTC City Ljubljana, is a perfect place to develop and test your Level 4 and 5 solutions and scenarios. It is a stimuli-rich, dense, and diverse environment with many unusual and unpredictable situations for you to explore and utilize.


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475.000 m2
11 km
21 million

Why work with us

Besides an attractive real-life environment, AV Living Lab BTC City Ljubljana offers you all the support you need for your testing and learning activities. Conveniently located in the heart of Europe, Slovenia, and Ljubljana, the AV Living Lab provides an ecosystem that connects different businesses, partners, talents, and a startup hub – the powerful knowledge and unlimited possibilities for your AV concepts to prosper.


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11 kmof roads
8500Parking lots


Living Lab

From Facility as a Lab to City as a Lab

21. 02. 2018 | AV Living Lab

Autonomous driving is more than just a hype. Advancing and more powerful computing power, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and sensors are making autonomous driving a reality.

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Living Lab

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning developments and issues towards autonomous driving

02. 03. 2018 | AV Living Lab

Safe, reliable and perceptive autonomous driving is relying on machine learning as a prerequisite step towards intelligent transportation domain specific AI. However, learning itself requires access to stimuli rich environment on one side and learning goals on the other.

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Let’s transform the transportation industry together

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